To design the master bedroom, you must consider the following six aspects

To design the master bedroom, you must consider the following six aspects.
(1) bedroom on the ground must have a warm and typically need to adopt a neutral color or hot materials such as rugs.
(2) the wall decals about 1/3 of the surface of the furniture obscured visual people outside the space more bedside, especially in the interior furnishings. Wall Decoration should be simple body space upper bed can be designed with personalized ornaments, the choice of material should match the tone, contrast, global atmosphere chamber.
(3) the shape of the ceiling, the color is one of the priorities of the bedroom design decoration, series usually simple, elegant, warm and welcoming for good.
(4) The color should be uniform, harmonious colors premises, elegant and appropriate primary must be careful, steady tones and more popular, such as roses, green, bright blue, gay is cool and soft and romantic in the gray or brown mind through elegant and welcoming and full of enthusiasm yellow lines.
(5) lighting in the room is comfortable and warm shades of yellow, the head of the bed before Spot integrated or wall lamp can also be integrated into Spot Zhuangchigui, in the heat more romantic and cozy.
(6) The room should not be too large, the general area of the order of 15 ~ 20m2 space for essential uses of furniture, beds, bedside tables, wardrobe and a comfortable (TV stand), a hairdresser. Bathroom, dressing can be placed in the bathroom. Curtains bedroom should be designed in such a thread of an interior tent full of flavor.
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It is the first major cities of the Chinese mainland

       It is the first major cities of the Chinese mainland, one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government, is mainland China's economic, financial, trade and shipping center; create and broke the world record of China Association for a number of the world's most, most of China. It is located in the Yangtze Delta, China's mainland coastline, China's largest foreign trade port, the largest industrial base. It is a cherished dreams and aspirations of the people of the distribution center. The arrival of these people, with their wisdom achievements Shanghai splendid today as an economy in China and even the world, won people attention; Shanghai people round themselves embrace fiscal


The walls often monotonous urgent need to address the problems of life

The walls often monotonous urgent need to address the problems of life, and want to enjoy a refreshing summer side to build the wall beautiful! There are many points on the wall, but the best option, of course, or wall decals! Invite to give it a try.
Wallpaper beige, geometric design pattern, smooth walls to enter the ever-changing visual effects. The color and fabric sofa wall echoes, which together with elegant wooden furniture and curtains of tulle, types of lifestyle different snack space.
The wall space is decorated with red flowers, creating a sort of adult cartoon innocent, simple interior temperament. Short run, the significant expansion of the use of household hot fashions this year. Such white with red polka dots, small floral wallpaper in effect a kind of convenient, simple and comfortable, with echoes pure red wall, was a little more lively sense.
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we must extend repair, repair range centered cracking extending to near

    the cracks of the wallpaper in the absence of Qiqiao can try the seams with water on a wet towel soak for 10 minutes to pick wallpaper, wallpaper knife tip, see if you can pick up the seams.

    Kids Wall Decals the edge because chapped Qiqiao If not available syringes glue is injected into the wallpaper crack edge, try to re-cement the wallpaper. Or wallpaper glue powder, put curling at, heal Qiqiao at, with a hair dryer blowing about 10 seconds, and then hand in real, until the cement, blown dry with a hair dryer can. Patched attention to make sure the grass-roots level if there is a problem, we must extend repair, repair range centered cracking extending to near

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Wall Stickers knowledge

   The new home has just been renovated after a very happy stay, but the headache again. Children often like to doodle on the wall above, wallpaper, wall covering the nurturing problem often beset us, then we should be how to maintenance wallpaper and wall covering? Here is a small collection of wallpaper, wall covering maintenance.
   Ai Yat decoration network to remind owners Vacuum cleaning regularly wallpaper, wall covering, special stains to remember to clean out timely seen in everyday life, In general, a lot of wallpaper water wallpaper, then we can use water to scrub cleaning with a dry towel after water stains can suck it. Wallpaper Ai Yat decoration net proposal not water should be a rubber wipe, if the wall is also retained the stains, you can try the following removal method:
    Comprehensive vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner.
Detergent diluted can be injected into the nebulizer.
Wall Stickers, wall covering full spray cleaners.
   10 to 15 minutes later, the stains from the fibers.
Steam cleaning machine cleaning.
  Absorbed by water while cleaning wallpaper net has been washing wallpaper.
  Let the wallpaper, completely dry Bibu.
  In this paper, edited by Beijing decoration net more decoration Encyclopedia decoration knowledge, see!


Choose to focus on the brand, pattern, color wall stickers!

   Select Wall Stickers, we generally will pay more attention to the patterns and colors of wall stickers and rarely pay attention to the brand of wall stickers, in fact, these three are equally important. We all know that Europe and the United States, South Korea, Japan, wall stickers is also the fastest development of the earliest countries, they already created a brand awareness, brand wall stickers is not only a quality assurance and brand wall stickers also attaches great importance to environmental protection and the health of people responsible.
     Buy wall stickers to choose a mature and well-known brand.
Inferior or old-fashioned wall stickers come off easily, damaged, airtight, not environmental protection, and other shortcomings, high quality wall stickers not only can guarantee its quality, and the selection of a good rope kraft paper or velvet fiber as a substrate material, no adverse effects on the human body not only, and permeability and sound absorption effect is better than paint.
Observe color wall stickers.

Wall stickers colors are divided into warm and cool colors, warm colors to red, yellow, orange, cool blue, green, gray-based. The wall stickers hue costume, bedroom furniture, curtains, carpets, lighting system environment will look and Tao. Wall stickers living room should choose warm colors and bright colors.
3 wall stickers pattern is also very important.
   vertical striped pattern can add a sense of height living room, eyes directed upward long strip of tread design, the wrong impression be the height of the room, is ideal for use in the lower living room.
   long strip pattern wallpaper with a permanence, a variety of classical, modern and traditional features, very easy with each other and the case of other countries, and freedom in the strip flower ruin the design of the line of sight up guide the effect illusion, be the height of the room is very suitable to be used in the lower room.
   large flower patterns the lower bedroom binding sense, big flower pattern is lifelike, rich colors, distance, ready to come out feeling. This wall stickers can reduce the binding sense of the room. Fit the pattern of relatively bland room.

    small regular small country case adds a sense of order, regular small country case wall stickers can provide bedroom with a fork will not be too bland background neither exaggeration, you like the furniture in front of this background to fully reveal its characteristics. For the first time people use the wall stickers, it is most appropriate to choose this wall stickers


To study up officialdom bow my head to write a check.

To study up officialdom bow my head to write a check. I have nothing to do, went straight to the Normal School truancy out after.

Small apricot get my appearance almost fainted. She watched me for a long time, before they agree to be next to me to sit down, red cheeks mess into a. Later the small apricot Frankly, she never imagined the front of a talented little guy soiled her white linen brats will be the same person, with the day. Thus, her heart spontaneously generated a unquenchable inferiority.

I do not know whether the small apricot deliberately waiting for me - with the quarters of the other girls took to the streets to watch the movie all the rest of her people, casually flipping through a bible called "formal logic".

Next we have a sitting she just changed the sheets and began to talk about literature. Small apricot sit close to me, I even smell the faint fragrance comes out of the waves of her body, which makes my speech moment came Dayton off, I lied. I noticed a small apricot watching my eyes sparkling with particularly complex and unfamiliar things, frequently passed singular information I am flustered twitch. Said bluntly, later, when every time I want to shallow and small apricot, are in fact as Mouguang deeply moved by the situation difficult self.

I just kissed apricot. It was a wonderful, people can not stop feeling, although I do not even how to know. Kissing is what I learned from the movie, but the movie thing is not a good teacher, the only church people do not teach people how to do. Therefore, later the small apricot jokingly said: "Earlier there twice actually love experience, even KISS did not learn, I had to retaliate, said:" with each other each other! "